Social Media Optimization (SMO) plays a vital role in creating and maintaining the presence of any company on social platforms. The SMO service provided by me includes the creation of attractive and engaging online content in the form of text, images or video clips and thereafter sharing the same on social media platforms.

Social Media channels such as Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ are excessively gaining attention. Almost every person uses these platforms for social or professional purposes. It becomes highly advantageous to get SMO done for the company as these platforms can actually help gain more customers.

My SMO service covers following activities such as:

  • Advertising Campaign: Creation of highly effective advertising campaign on Facebook or LinkedIn which can lead to more viewers thereby creating a strong social presence.
  • Posting Schedule: The schedule of posting the content is highly consistent and capturing. It helps attention seeking as the user comes across the name of the company daily.
  • Blogs & Communities: Blogs as well as communities are formed for the company thereby engaging more people. Blogs consist of content about the company and communities increase the involvement of more people.
  • Keyword-based Posting: All the posts are well-drafted keeping in consideration the keywords. This helps in attracting more users to the website as it appears in the top list in the search engines.
  • Status Updates: The status is being updated on a daily basis showing the presence persistently. Also, creating a permanent mark in mind of the users as well as readers.
  • Social Media Strategy: The social media strategy can be tailor made as per the need of the company. It can be modified i.e. more of blogs or status, regular updates, etc. as the need be.
  • Podcasts: When the audience is turning large, creation of podcasts and viral videos to create popularity. These also help to seek attention of the people who very not aware of the website or company.
  • Profile Updation: Regularly checking the profile and keeping it up-to-date. It helps in maintaining a social image and gradually helps in the creation of a brand