ORM leads to creation of Brand. Brand management reputation services are my prowess and can be of help to any individual, corporate or celebrity. The better the reputation management, bigger the brand. Treat yourself with the best service available and achieve higher market reputation.

ORM is the process of handling the pre-conceived notions about an individual or corporate on the internet, social media, Search engine result pages (SERP), etc. ORM is a general term that is applicable for every entity or individual. The other term is Corporate Reputation Management. And when any celebrity or a popular corporate house is involved, ORM is termed as Brand Management Reputation service.

ORM Service offered by me consists of the following:

  • Improve SERP results: The search result on the web plays a vital role. My services would help to reach a better position online. When any person would search for a service online, the name of the entity using the service would be visible which can lead them to have a superior position over the competitors.
  • Promote Positive Image: Any activity done that covered social service or any positive work would be promoted online, which would lead to a positive image of the company or individual. This is a necessity for almost all celebrities.
  • Enhance Customer Interaction: With the increase in the online visibility, there would be a need to interact more due to more question/query from the viewers. It is of high importance how those customers are dealt with. As it leads to ‘make or break’ situation i.e. the viewers/customers make or break a person’s image. Thus, better interaction with the customers should be focused.
  • Bend Customer Decisions: Any customer would not prefer to use the product/service of the entity with a distorted image even if the product is of supreme quality. Thus, it is vital to go for ORM and create a better Brand which influences the customers to use the entity’s services.
  • Monitoring: The last but important step is to keep an eye on the Image Building process and modify it on regular intervals as the need be.