Email Marketing is one of the most common tools used to gain more customers. It is one of the oldest marketing techniques. My services would revive the old techniques by adding a new touch. It would be a tool that even an intern can draft impressive mails and can take credit of higher sales.

Email marketing is simply an act of sending commercial messages to a group through email. It is drafted in such a way that when sent to new or existing customers, it seems like marketing. The intent behind the email marketing may be advertisement, solicit sales, or build loyalty, trust or brand awareness.

A look at my Email Marketing Service pattern;

  • Creation of Database: Numerous companies form an industry. All companies in the same industry have similar target audience. Thus, it is easy to get the database of potential customers to which the mail can be sent. If any company does not have the database, my services would help them in database creation.
  • Providing Powerful Email Designer: It is easy to create email campaigns in just a few minutes with the help of the designer. Any user can design interactive emails and send to the database that can easily win over the customers.
  • Email Templates: Create new, interactive and occasional campaigns that are responsive. All this can be done easily with the customizable email templates available.
  • Increase in Signups: Place signup form on the website which will allow more viewers to sign up. It will gradually help you build a greater and stronger database. Bigger the database, higher the chances of more customers.
  • Attractive look: The emails that are drafted are responsive and created with the subscriber’s mindset. It is carefully observed how much impact it creates if a specific format is used. Thus, the email if opened on a smartphone or web would look equally eye-catching and impactful.
  • Tracking with Real-Time Reports: The campaigns are monitored regularly and a conclusion is drawn on what works better and these reports are available in real-time. Check the results while on the go. And if need be, necessary modifications are also made.