The content is the major source of information online. The better the content, more the readers leading towards your company website. With my expertise and experience, each and every client is provided the best-suited content as per their industry, keeping in mind the set principles and their requirements.

Content Marketing is one of the forms of marketing that consists of creating, publishing and distributing the content to the people at large, mainly focusing on the specific target audience. The content is of utmost importance for any website. The service provided keeps this point into consideration and the content i create is of ultimate quality and engaging that adds value to the company.

Content Marketing Service offered by me consists of some basic yet focused steps. They are:

Research: The initial step would be to understand the requirement of the company and do the necessary research on the subject that needs to be written. The information collected is refined and polished before content creation.

Deliberate Thinking: Once I know the company needs, a draft is made of the content plan which can be modified as per the requirements. Good and strong content is the ultimate goal of this thinking process.

Content Creation: Post planning, creation phase begins. Content writing is an art. To give words to the thoughts of some other person and make it strong and impactful is what content creation is all about.

Modification: Once the content is drafted, there is proofreading and editing done. Only after the approval and 100% satisfaction of the client, the content moves ahead towards the next step.

Content Sharing: Once the content is absolutely ready, it becomes must to share it. Any content that does not reach to the targeted audience is in vain. An effective social distribution plan is executed where all the content can be uploaded on various platforms.

Evaluating: Content is evaluated whether it is strong enough and serving the purpose of its creation. Monthly and weekly analysis done which mentions the readers as well as their feedback. Any revisions, if necessary are also made regularly.